Flagpoles and accessories

Our program contains the full range of flagpoles and accessories, such as cylindrical and conical aluminum and conical glasfiber flagpoles. Your flagpole can be completed with our internal halyard system, several high quality turn top systems and can be mounted in the ground with a ground socket, a slide over stem and a hinged base plate.


We can offer you the complete prorgamm flagpoles and accessories, such as cylindrical and conical aluminium flagpoles and conical polyester flagpoles. We can build you flagpole with our internal halyard sysytem, several high quality turntop systems and a groundsleeve, a slide over stem and a hinged base plate. 

Cylindrical aluminium pole

These poles are, depending on their length, deliverable in diameters 65, 75, 85 and 100 mm with high quality at low cost. Durable aluminum, which is maintenance free, makes these poles most suitable for exposing your company name and logo. Combining these poles with banner arms, makes your name and logo visible all the time!

Conical aluminium pole

These tapered (diameter is decreasing while nearing the top) aluminium poles, offer you the same durability as cylindrical poles, but with a more elegant shape. Due to it’s shape, the conical aluminium flagpole is the strongest pole on the market.

All conical aluminium flagpoles arefrom stock deliverable, and come with a white powder coated (RAL 9010) or anodized surface. Other colors are possible, please contact us, for further information.

Conical glasfiber pole

These flagpoles, made of high quality glass fiber, are like the conical aluminium flagpole, tapered and also long-lasting. Due to glasfiber which has the same color throughout the material, the flagpoles shows nearly no scratches! In combination with it’s great flexibility, the glasfiber pole is very suitable in windy and sandy places, such as coastlines.


Standard color of glasfiber flagpoles is white. Other colors are possible, please contact us, for further information.


Telescope pole

It is an aluminum anodized portable flagpole which can be used indoors and outdoors because of different bases which can be used, such as a car foot, ground sleeve or a water tank. It exists of 3 parts. It also has a horizontal arm at the top which exhibits the flag even when there is no wind. It is a very good and effective form of advertising for trade fairs, exhibitions and events. Telescopic flagpoles are very handy and they are easy and speedy to install and reinstall after usage. 



The several systems in our program are suitable to let any flag or banner easily flared up in the wind.




External halyard

This flagpole is equipped with an external halyard. The flag is hoisted via the rope. The halyard is fixed to the belaying cleat (the cleat is 1,5 m above the ground). This pole comes with a black finial.



Internal halyard

The rope is in the flagpole and it is fixed to the internal cleat (winch system optionally). It eliminates the noise which can be caused by the halyard hitting the flagpole. It also secures the flag against theft. At the top a heavy duty pulley is mounted. Hoisting a flag is very easy to do. The pole is including a black finial and counter weight.



Turntop with rotating arm

Flagpole without rope or lock, with a permanent rotating arm exhibiting the flag. In order to change the flag, one should put the flagpole down. Therefore a hinged base plate is the most suitable foundation system. This system comes with a banner arm (120 or 150 cm), counter-weight and 3 flag holders.


Small budget? Dynamast BV produces it’s own turn tops with CNC machinery and can therefore produce any diameter turn top. So, if you already own a flagpole, but want to complete it with a turn top? Just call us!


Turntop with raisable arm

The halyard is in the flagpole and it is fixed to the internal cleat (winch system optionally). The arm exhibiting the flag has a possibility of being lowered. Great advantage of this system is the fact that switching a flag can be done very easily and quickly!





For every type of pole a well fitted ground attachment. For mounting in the ground, on a wall or on the roof. We have for each pole a well fitted attachment.



Hinged base plate

The hinged base plate makes it very easy to put a flagpole down in order to switch a flag. It also offers the possibility to adjust the flagpole after installation. The hinged base plate comes with 3 anchors. All parts are hot galvanized including the anchors.




Slide over stem

With the hot galvanized slide over stem, a flagpole keeps it’s total length above soil. To prevent a flagpole for stealing, a lock can be mounted.












Ground socket

The ground sleeve is a tube which is put in concrete into the ground. Therefore a flagpole looses 75 cm of length. Advantage of this system is the fact that a pole can be removed easily and nothing remains behind above soil.