With a stock of over 250 new flagpoles, Dynamast BV can be of great help for any kind of event, where your message has to be shown! The flagpoles are suitable for flags and banners. If wanted, we can also take care of transport and even installation of the poles including removing them after the event!

Changing flags, repairing your flagpole(s) or even redesigning them? Our professional team takes care of it. With a service contract, you will no longer see any damaged flags or poles at your place.
With our professional team, we can install flagpoles as well as banner frames in the Netherlands. For installation outside the Netherlands, please get in contact with us. For resellers, it is important to know that our professional team, will not show our name or logo, to ensure you neutral service!! When a flagpole is installed, our colleagues will leave as soon as the flagpoles are upright and the flag is hanging (unless weather conditions advice otherwise).